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"We were delighted with your professional guidance throughout the lease agreement process.  Not only did you interpret and represent very effectively, you also provided very valuable and thought-provoking ideas that helped improve our position."

Tim Schmidt, Partner and Managing Director, e-Cube Solutions LLP


“Hilary presented a training session on 'Problem Tenants' with a focus on Houses in Multiple Occupation and student-let properties.  It was so refreshing having someone who knows her subject so well and yet present it in a jargon-free 'suitable for all ages' style that had the delegates gripped for four hours!"

Ellen Gava, Landlord Accreditation Manager, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


Ellen also kindly passed on the following comment from one of the delegates at the 'Problem Tenants' course:

"...many thanks for arranging such a good talk.  Hilary really was very good and I found it a very worthwhile four hours which I have to admit I was not looking forward to - but did enjoy and found stimulating.  I always pick up a few tips from other forums but this was crammed full of goodies, useful and practical advice ...."



"I use Hatch Legal for all my legal requirements and am extremely satisfied with their service.  They have been very professional, conscientious and thorough in everything that they have done for me.
They are very capable of making sensible decisions for themselves without necessarily requiring client input, but will never overstep the mark  and do anything that isn't in their client's best interests.
I can (and do) wholeheartedly recommend them.
Also, if you're ever lucky enough, their lunches are pretty good too"

Colin Berry, Private Client


“I cannot thank you enough for the work and effort you have put into this. If there is anything I can do for you please do not even hesitate, just give me a call.”
Director, Barbur Developments Ltd
"The agreement seems to me to be exceptionally well-drawn and obviously fit for its purpose."
Queen’s Counsel, commenting on a contract prepared by Hatch Legal
“I do not think I have often before seen such a fantastic set of pro forma letters before about such an important issue. My job is primarily about stopping illegal evictions and harassment, but I have often helped people get their deposits back too. So I know how useful your pack is… The person who took the time to write and compile them deserves a pat on the back and more.”
Council Tenancy Relations Officer (writing to Unipol about the deposit enforcement pack prepared by Hatch Legal)  


“Thank goodness we had you to look after us—we would never have managed without you.”
Private client


“Thank you… without such a pro-active solicitor I think I would have just gone and jumped into a lake by now”
The private client’s agent


"Hilary Crook of Hatch Legal is "the leading solicitor on student legal matters," and is appreciated for her dedication to her work.  With a "clear understanding of the issues affecting students and landlords and the role played by the university," she is heartily recommended for all student issues.
Chambers & Partners 2012
"Hilary Crook of Hatch Legal is commended for her experience in the [higher education] sector.  She is said to be "extremely accessible".

Chambers & Partners 2011

"Hilary Crook of Hatch Legal in Leeds has "the ability to translate simply what can be a dry subject matter without resorting to jargon".  Clients highlight her expertise in student accommodation".
Chambers & Partners 2010



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