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The ‘clickable logo’ on this website is a mandatory requirement of our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority. It contains embedded software taking you to an SRA-hosted page which confirms that we are regulated and outlines what protections this regulated status provides. The SRA has stated that it does not have access, record or store any additional data such as IP addresses or page navigation behaviour, and that it does not collect data that would identify an individual. A solicitor specialising in technology is reported as saying that the system’s design involves the processing of data by technology supplier Yoshki, and does not ask users to give their consent. Yoshki’s system is based in turn on technology developed by Google which, he says, ‘is in the business of harvesting personal data’. Hatch Legal does not accept liability for use of the SRA clickable logo.

At Hatch Legal we want to enable our clients to manage their own legal health.  Every couple of months we add new guides and checklists to this section of our website.  These will help you to assess whether your business is complying with legal requirements, identify and manage legal risks, and help you to focus on your legal priorities.


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